Ten minutes

I have gotten on a 10 minute kick. What’s that? you ask. Well there are certain things I am trying to do for 10 minutes everyday. I know myself well enough to know I need daily stuff. My life is too schedule crazy to make firm plans, but 10 minutes a day, sure I can do that. I  picked 6 things I want to more; meditation, yoga, strength training, sewing, painting/drawing, and reading.

That is just an hour a day. I will admit that, so far, I have done all 6 only a few days, and I am better about doing the first three than the last three. But I am trying. When I don’t do one, I am consciously making a decision. I don’t forget,  in other words. I have a problem with thinking I need large amounts of time to sew and create art. I am trying to get pass that because I know doing something creative everyday will help me in life as much as meditation will.

Even if it’s just a silly sketch of me being sick. Try it, it’s only 10 minutes.

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A creature of the art of creating living in Austin, TX
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