“All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning.” — Albert Camus

In which David Kelley talks about the creativity in all of us.

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” Good artists copy, great artists steal” Pablo Picasso

In which Kirby Ferguson talks about stealing:

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Artist I discovered in 2014- A review

These are artist whose work I have discovered and enjoyed in 2014, in no particular  order.

Kristy Kutch, an artist working in colored pencils.

Poppy  by Kristy Kutch.

Poppy by Kristy Kutch.


Michael James Riddet, an artist working in acrylic.

Raven's Eggs  by Michael James Riddet

Raven’s Eggs by Michael James Riddet


Ronald Brischetto, an artist working in acrylic with Venetian plaster.

Work by Ronald Brischetto

Work by Ronald Brischetto


Pastel drawings by artist Zaria Forman.

Greenland #50 by Zaria Forman.

Greenland #50 by Zaria Forman.


Jephan de Villiers, a French artist working in mixed media.

Work by Jephan de Villiers

Work by Jephan de Villiers


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WIP, Some 3D Models

Two versions of a Victorian Town home.

Two versions of a Victorian Town home.


Oil Pump Jack

Oil Pump Jack

Repeating vine decal

Repeating vine decal

These are some assets I created for the game Elementum, which will be showing at the Captivate Conference on October  24-26, 2014 in Austin TX. I call these a work in progress, although they are already in the game, because I am still working a two of them. Because of a miscommunication, the deadlines got moved up so I didn’t get to spend as much time on the pump jack or the town house as I would like. They are back ground pieces for a semi side scrolling, so they are fine for that purpose. My goal is to revamp the textures mainly and add a bit more detail, while keeping the models low poly.  I am even thinking about adding then to Turbo Squid. We’ll see .

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Meet The Artists Reception

10608304_948335418517040_2654908791424887103_oFor free parking, here are the directions.

To find the parking garage, you must be driving south IN THE LEFT LANE on Guadalupe (one way) between 9th and 8th streets. Do not pass the light at 8thStreet or you have missed it.

 As you turn left into the parking garage immediately to the right enter the steep ramp up, where it says parking for 700 Lavaca. Go up the steep ramp and take a ticket. Park near the elevator on any floor and go down the elevator to LL (Lower level)

Please bring your parking ticket with you inside the building and have it validated by security.

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Lastest work

I have started a new series in encaustic. I originally recreated a few pieces for the West Austin Studio Tour. The figure pieces all sold, so I created six more for my latest show at the Corridor Of Art at 700 Lavaca on Lower Level.

Specimens: Longing 17 in x 11 in, matted

Specimens: Longing
17 in x 11 in, matted

Specimens: Pain 17 in x 11 in, matted

Specimens: Pain
17 in x 11 in, matted

Specimens: Rising 17 in x 11 in, matted

Specimens: Rising
17 in x 11 in, matted

The works above are the ones I have sold.

The art at the Corridor of Art.

The art at the Corridor of Art.

here is a photo of the art that is up at the Corridor Of Art at 700 Lavaca on Lower Level. The show is up until Friday Sept 5th. I will be getting better pictures later.

Smaller works.

Smaller works.

This is a picture of the smaller works I created for WEST. More pictures of these as well.


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Dealing with Procrastination

As an artist dealing with a heavy bout of procrastination, I like how this creative person deals with this problem.


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Artists I discovered in 2013

Michiel Schrijver

285300_524356364275750_2080215628_n 485203_524356754275711_711187799_nMore information and photos about Michiel Schrijver, here:


Catherine Nash

01_Nash_OakLeaf__1000_600 04_Nash_RedwoodSplinters_detail_1000_600

Learn more about Nash’s work here:


Takahiro Iwasaki

Takahiro-Iwasaki Takahiro-Iwasaki-1Learn more about the artist here:


Roy Tyson

4595428619_661x495 csi-essexSee more of Roy’s People here:


Matthew Shlian

1WAVE- matthew shlian photo by cullen stephenson1 ara117 black 2Visit Matt’s site here:


14-year-old Zev from Natick, Massachusetts

photomanipulations-self-portraits-zev-fiddle-oak-17 photomanipulations-self-portraits-zev-fiddle-oak-20See more of this talented kid’s work here:


Geoffrey Gorman

frugilegus-and-Pica-found-an-old-rocking-Chair-600x450 GG-for-email-web-2-600x450Learn more about Gorman here:


Ramon Bruin

3d-optical-illusions-jjk-airbrush-3 3d-optical-illusions-jjk-airbrush-6

See more images here:


Florian Nicolle

1525694_773277109367843_1738531652_n 1545613_773277326034488_1535697972_nVisit his website here:


I hope you have enjoyed this art year in review.

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January Hat Attack

Finally, I’m doing it. The Style Crone has been hosting a Hat Attack on her blog since September.  I love hats, and what to wear them more on a daily basis, not just to Church on Sundays. I thought participating in the hat attack would be a good way to do this. Well, it’s taken me a while but I am finally doing it.  This also marks I foray  back to style blogging, something I meant to cut back on not give up entirely.

Hat Attack 1_1The dress in Evan Picone, the hat Amanda Smith, and the tight Hue, all gotten at Macy’s a few years back.  The shoes are form DSW. All the jewelry is thrifted.

Here’s to a New Year of challenges and accomplishments!


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Great News for the Art World

Modernist art haul, ‘looted by Nazis’, recovered by German police

Photograph: Bettmann/Corbis

Photograph: Bettmann/Corbis


I would love to see a whole exhibit of these uncovered treasures.
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