I am an experienced artist hailing from Austin, Texas and a recent graduate from the Game Design Institute at Austin Community College.  My background is in visual design, with a degree in fashion from the University of Texas.  I have made a career designing, constructing, altering and fitting an multitude of garments—from costumes to bridal gowns— but recently I was inspired to pursue a new challenge and decided to earn my degree in Video Game Art.
Austin is a city I adore and when I realized it was becoming a hub for the expanding games industry I felt my experience in visual design would be unique and invaluable.  I am highly motivated, have a strong work ethic and excellent communication skills.  I’m also curious about the ever changing industry and eager to learn new skills and refine my techniques.  Having worked within the fast paced and competitive world of fashion I am no stranger to meeting strict deadlines, high expectations, communicating with clients and needing to research solutions to overcome any problem.
In my spare time I enjoying painting, collage, encaustics and now, 3D modeling and rendering.  I am a hard-core ‘casual’ gamer, with a love of vintage clothing and a passion for science fiction.