Current Work In Progress 2014


Things I have been working on in 2014.

This image is from a challenge that I never finished because of life.

Courtyard - Copy
Oriental Courtyard


This image is of a scene I am working on  basic on a photograph from Niki Feijen.  I haven’t gotten as far as I would like  but  I plan on finishing it.

Pram_blockout - Copy
Old barn


Unnamed Game Project

The following images are from a game project I was working on that has been put on indefinite hold. The game was set on a ship and was meant to be creepy and claustrophobic. The idea was to come up with building block pieces that could be used to build the whole level. These were basic block outs to help the designers work an a shader issue. The yellow cylinder is a person fill in.

Big room
Main room




Corridor, long view


Big room with catwalks.



Doorway  noncreppy
Hanger bay




key pad box
Corridor prop


Medical bay


water room_text
Hanger bay with basic textures for a shader trail room.